Together we Save!

We will deliver your 4x9  flyer door to door for as low as  $0.06 per flyer 

to $0.12 per flyer. 


We have a system with exclusive areas to choose from.  Pick one area or more pick one date or more. 

Hurry only the first 3 customers in each area are selected.


The cost of the plan is almost 50% less than traditional print and flyer delivery.

Template For Self Design


Horizon or Landscape

We  deliver the "Together We Save!"  campaign to multiple areas across town .  Most areas are 2500 homes, some are 10,000 and 5,000, let us know which area you are interested in and we can give you more details, you can check availability in multiple markets.  We are also adding new areas due to demand, if you have an area not on the list we can design a campaign where you choose the area and dates you would like.   Delivery is estimated 7-10 days after cut off date.

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